PANEL ‘Transdisciplinarity in critical discourse analysis: developing language critique for complex times’ (call for papers)

We invite submission of abstracts for a panel entitled: ‘Transdisciplinarity in critical discourse analysis: developing language critique for complex times’, for inclusion in MAPD (Multidisciplinary Approaches to Political Discourse) Conference, 25-26 June, 2020, at the University of Liverpool, UK.


CfP - Special Issue: Discursive Practice and the Role of Ideology. Discourse Studies Meets Critical Theory

In Discourse Studies, discourse is usually understood as the use of texts in various sorts ofcontexts (situational, historical, structural, institutional). From these practices of meaning production, different aspects of the social such as identities, believes, attitudes, institutions, social structures and new text production emerge. Despite this broad notion of discourse, the notion of ideology is often understood as sets of collective beliefs or mental representations.

DiscourseNet Winter School no. 1 - Doing Research on Academic, Educational and Intellectual Discourses

Discourse Studies is a field which studies meaning- and sense-making practices in their political, social and historical contexts. The DiscourseNet Winter School brings together advanced BA and MA as well as PhD students who want to pursue research in Discourse Studies and to discuss the methodological and theoretical challenges of their thesis projects (or first ideas). Its aim is to bring young and confirmed discourse researchers together and to address practical challenges in discourse research.