Discourses of Humour

Humour, wit and laughter surround us everywhere. According to the French philosopher Henri Bergson, the fundamental source of comic is the presence of inflexibility and rigidness in life (see Laughter. An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic).

Call for Papers, 32th Annual EAEPE Conference (, 2-4 September 2020, Bilbao, Spain

Call for Papers, 32th Annual EAEPE Conference (, 2-4 September 2020, Bilbao, Spain. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU: “The Evolution of Capitalist Structures:  Uncertainty, Inequality, and Climate Crisis”. 


Hegemony, Crisis, Intervention. New Perspectives on Emancipatory and Radical Democratic Discourses (postponed to 2021)

This international symposium marks 2020 as the anniversary year of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe’s seminal works, most prominently the 35th jubilee of “Hegemony and Socialist Strategy”. The publication sparked heated debate about the promises and potential advantages of a post-Marxist project in an age of hegemonic neoliberal globalisation. It also laid the foundation for a fruitful anti-essentialist, post-structuralist theory of discourse and hegemony, which strongly influenced strategies of the Left.


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We are pleased to announce that the 8th Conference for Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD) will take place from 7-9 July 2020 and will be hosted by the University of Huddersfield, UK. There will be a one-day pre-conference workshop on critical stylistic and corpus approaches to CDA on Monday 6 July and there will be a post-conference excursion (see Social Programme) on 10 July for those interested in joining us.